Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing the Drozian Photoworks Wedding Registry!

We recently started a wedding registry for our brides and grooms! It is a great way to increase your wedding budget for photography by allowing friends and family to easily purchase products that you want or gift certificates to go towards your package.

After you register, we will provide you with pre-wedding gift registry “reminder” cards to give out to your guests. Also, we will provide a link to a page on our website where your guests can view our pricing as well as what you are registered for. The guests are able to contact us directly and order your registered items. We would then update you when there has been any activity on your registry.

It’s especially a great gift idea if you already have a lot of stuff for your house!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sneak Peek: Josh

Josh recently completed basic training and was on leave for the holidays! We met up with him and several family members in downtown Anderson next to the newly constructed Teen Center. We could tell that his family was glad to see him. Hopefully these pictures will remind him and them of their family while he is away! Good luck at getting stationed in Hawaii, Josh!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Kelley was so much fun to work with! We really want to thank her for letting us drag her around taking pictures of her until her hands and feet grew numb from the cold! She was wearing a cute vintage dress, and the pictures turned out great. Kelley does photorealistic drawings of portraits and is commissioned by people from around the world! Check out her blog ( and Etsy shop (!

Ashleigh and Indy

We finally got the chance the photograph Ashleigh and her puppy Indy last week. Poor Indy wasn't too thrilled about being photographed in the cold weather, and it was hard to get her to stop shivering. We also had to bribe her with empty promises of biscuits to get her to look at the camera. I think our little puppy, Dash, wanted to get into the photo session more than Indy and we had to keep chasing him away. He was smart, though, and creeped behind Ashleigh and poked his head out the barn doors! He looked so cute, and Dusty was able to snap this photo before he ran off!

The Burgett Family

The day after Christmas we got to take pictures of three generations of the Burgett family. They loved some of our earlier ranch settings so we started off with some shots in front of a barn with the cows watching us in the background. Then we headed over to our favorite rusty old truck for a few more shots. It was so much fun working with them and chatting it up while everyone took their turn in front of the camera.