Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color Palette

I am working on some new album designs that have more patterns and embellishments. These are mostly for kid albums, but they would also work for pretty much anything. Anyway, I was trying to come up with color palettes to use on my designs and found a few really good color palette generators online. Here is the link that I used to generate my color palettes for the below photos: They generate two color palettes that are based on the URL of the photo that you plug in. Last night while I was googling, I also came across Colour Lovers ( which is an extremely cool site. The site has thousands of color palettes and patterns to choose from. You can also create and post your own color palettes. I loved looking through the site and seeing all the great color combinations that I could use to design my albums. Now comes the hard part of narrowing down the color palettes that my clients can choose from for specific products!

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