Monday, April 12, 2010

Engagement: Celeste and Sean

We were lucky to miss the rain by a few days for Celeste and Sean's engagement session. For their session, we headed out to Live Oak Road in Red Bluff to a field of flowers. At first we couldn't figure out what type of flower they were, but eventually we decided that they must be very small poppies! Then we headed over to their friend's house for some more pics. The property and the house were beautiful! There were so many great backdrops for their portraits with the barn, horse corral, and pond. I think both of their eyes look amazing in the pictures, especially the headshot with them both looking at the camera. We are very excited about their upcoming wedding in May! Celeste and Sean are getting married at Sky Lake Gardens in Durham, CA, and I am sure the blossoms will be spectacular at that time of year!


  1. all your pictures are awesome...good job!

  2. Beautiful job! You are right, their eyes look amazing!
    (Sean's cousin)