Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florence, Oregon

A little while ago we traveled up to the dunes in Oregon to spend some time with our friends. The first day we got there the weather was perfect, and Dusty even tried out dirt biking in the dunes! Dusty got dragged out shopping with us girls, and he and I went exploring downtown and then antiquing. He is so great! Unfortunately, despite a couple hours of searching, we were unable to find more cute chairs for our props. Afterwards, we headed up the coast to the Heceta Point Light House to quickly scout for locations for the engagement pictures we were going to do later that afternoon with Jenny and Randy, and Randy's brother Andy and his fiancee Cinamon. The weather was perfect up until we got back to the vacation rental and then it started raining! I was very disappointed, and there was talk of us not doing the engagement sessions. We had even checked the weather for the whole weekend before we left and it was supposed to be sunny! In the end, we did end up going, and we managed to find two black umbrellas. It was really raining for the majority of the shots, and I had to use an umbrella myself while trying to juggle the cameras all at the same time. We realized that we need to invest in some water resistant camera gear! Anyway, the next day we went home, but on the way we went to the antique shops in Jacksonville, Oregon and I finally found two new chairs!

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